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AM Dalton Plumbing - Gas Boilers, Bathrooms, Central Heating and Plumbing

AM Dalton Plumbing are highly experienced independant plumbers who have been serving the communities of Rotherhithe, Bermondsey, Southwark, SE16, SE1 and the surrounding area since 1985.

AM Dalton specialise in Gas Boilers, Bathrooms, Central Heating and Plumbing.

So, contact us today if you need:

  • A new boiler
  • A new bathroom
  • A new central heating system
  • A gas boiler repair, service or inspection (Including a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate)
  • A repair in an exisitng bathroom
  • A repair or an upgrade to your central heating system
  • Or just a plain old leaky tap
  • Take a look at the photos of recent projects
We offer high quality design, planning and installation.

All work is conducted in accordance with the relevant regulations of the various government, local government, statutory and regulatory bodies.

In addition, all work is conducted to meet the specifications of the equipment manufacturers. What this means to the customer is that they get a safe, compliant installation with a gaurantee on labour. As installation is to manufacturer's specification parts supplied are covered by the relevant manufacturer's warranty.

For homeowners this also means one less thing to worry about when you sell!

Whether you need complete or partial bathroom, heating or plumbing, designed or installed, we have what you need. You are guaranteed a professional expedient service of the highest calibre.

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