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AM Dalton Plumbing - Repair

AM Dalton Plumbing can take care of your maintenance and repairs. Even serviced equipment can still breakdown and need reapairing. We can offer a full range of services and general repairs. AM Dalton Plumbing are Gas Safe registered and so are competent to work on Gas equipment.

CALL us today! You will not be disappointed.

AM Dalton Plumbing Boiler Base

Gas Boiler Repairs

Any repair work carried out on any gas equipment, such as gas boilers, must be done so by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

Gas Safe registered plumbers have a registration number which can be checked with Gas Safe.

So, if your boiler is making a new sound or maybe your hot water is no longer as hot as it once was, then call us NOW!

AM Dalton Plumbing can upgrade your current system with a modern controller and the possibility to control your gas boiler remotely.

AM Dalton Plumbing Gas Analysis
Gas Analysis
AM Dalton Plumbing Gas Pressure
Gas Pressure
AM Dalton Plumbing Expansion Vessel
Expansion Vessel
AM Dalton Plumbing Gas Ring Flame

Gas Appliance Repairs

For many households a gas boiler for heating and hot water is not the only gas equipment.

Some people prefer to cook with gas and so you may have a gas hob and a gas oven. A traditional log effect gas fire can add a degree of class to a household.

AM Dalton Plumbing can even move you gas main for you should you find it in an inconvenient location.

Should you have any of the above and need a repair (or service) then call AM Dalton Plumbing today.

AM Dalton Plumbing - Repair

AM Dalton Plumbing will carry out any work in an efficient and compliant manner. Our experienced and appropriately qualified personnel will conduct the work to your satisfaction.
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