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AM Dalton Plumbing are highly experienced independant plumbers who have been serving their customers since 1985. One way to avoid plumbing breakdowns is to have your plumbing components serviced on a regular basis. A number of boiler manufacturers have realised this and they offer a guarantee on parts and labour for up to 7 years if you have your new boiler serviced every 12 months.

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AM Dalton Plumbing Power Flush

Power Flushing Central Heating Systems

Domestic user, business user or B2B with a need for power flushing? Contact us now!.

Power flushing is the term used to describe the cleaning of sludge and deposits from your central heating system by using a Power Flushing unit. Whilst conducting the Power Flush the dirty water, sludge and deposits, which reduce the system efficiency and may cause the system to become noisy and reduce its lifespan, are removed completely.

The Power Flushing unit pumps the water around the system at a higher speed than the central heating pump. This combined with the use of appropriate cleaning agents under the control of a trained operator, will lead to a system that is clean as new and able to work at maximum efficiency for even longer.

AM Dalton Plumbing are registered with Kamco and use the Kamco CF90:Quantum2.

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Pan and Cistern
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Central Heating Service

The central heating system of the expansion tank below has been serviced and so the water reservoir is clean The image below shows the expansion tank prior to cleaning. This tank keeps the central heating system topped up and prevents air from entering the system. It also serves a safety function and allows water to expand into the tank to prevent a presure build up in the system.

AM Dalton Plumbing - Service

AM Dalton Plumbing will carry out any work in an efficient and compliant manner. Our experienced and appropriately qualified personnel will conduct the work to your satisfaction.
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